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About Us

Kim Ifft Photography

Kim Ifft
6630 Brighton Rd Ben Avon, PA 15202
  • p: (412) 734-2464
I'll never forget the first time I watched an image appear in the darkroom. It was magical! I was 16, I was in high school and I was blown away that I had just made a photo using a piece of photo paper and a Quaker Oats can with a pin hole in it. My life was forever changed. You know those moments that stay with you forever? Clearly, this was one of those moments for me; I knew what I wanted to do when I grew up. I went to college and then on to art school, I've photographed everything from animals, architecture, babies, weddings, bar mitzvah's, families, sports teams and much more. I spent the early years figuring out my style and finding a way to draw on peoples beauty without having to stage and pose my pictures. When I photograph people my goal is to make their photos soar with emotion. You can look at these images forever and be transported back to that moment. In order to tell your story, I balance your candid images with posed images and I create your story using my photography skills as well as my artistic sense. It is very important to me to hang back, and watch my photographic opportunities unfold. I let people be themselves, and then, unobtrusively I capture every emotion and detail in a natural surrounding. I love what I do. I cry at every wedding and I love making little ones eyes sparkle. Photography is what I do really well and I thank you for taking a moment to look at my work. Kim
Photographic Specializations Black & White, Children, Event, People/Lifestyle, Photojournalism, Portrait, Weddings.